About André Azevedo

Video, Graphics & Web

A glitch is just a way to help you open your mind..

– André

Video Playback

Video Playback for projects from small independent movies to large TV productions. Making sure screens look good and shoot just right, every time.

Video Installations

I have designed video installations for artists, galleries, events and almost everything in between. I am interested in interactive video and out there video installs.

Web Design + Interactive

After 20 years in advertising, my web work and interactive work is focused on art, data, and haptic experiments.

Video Art & Design

I love creating new video work. I love collaborators. Let’s make something!

Graphic Design

30 years of graphic design experience in advertising, broadcasting, packaging, branding, web and any medium in between.

Motion Graphics

These days, I mostly work on animations for film and tv that are utilized on screens being shot by camera. I do like making abstract video animations and glitches.


I really want to do some really awesome video installations, hit me up!



e | andre@fortheloveofvideo.com
p | 917.279.6799


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